bhatch architects is an innovation architecture practice based in singapore. the firm is registered in singapore to provide full-fledge architectural services from concept design, authority submissions, to construction administration. besides architectural design, our design expertise also includes interior design and landscape design.

at bhatch, each project is fresh, bespoke and sensitively executed. we are committed to a vigorous design approach in all our projects, infusing each project with its own unique design and material exploration, as well as executing them with a high level of diligence, attention and detail. we see our work as a craft, bringing value to projects through thoughtful exceptional designs.

our approach to design involves both conventional and non-conventional methods, including drawings, sketches, montages, physical models, 3d visualisations and one-to-one scale mock-ups. we believe that a highly participatory design process is necessary to yield the best possible outcome of design, and we constantly engage with our clients, consultants and builders to that end.

the firm currently employs a small group of talented and hardworking personnel, including 2 registered architects. since the firm’s inception, we have successfully undertaken and completed multiple residential projects in singapore, and have regularly offered design consultancy services abroad. bhatch is also registered in singapore under public sector panel of consultants.